• Tips for winning:
    • Stick to a theme

    • Try to make it commercial!
      ready for M&S

    • Make it yours
      send us your original ideas

    • more tips...

  • What you could win:

and a possible placement!




Here are some basic guidelines that should help inspire you and ensure your design has a winning chance.

Think commercially: Ensure your design can appeal to a broad audience, you like it but will thousands of potential buyers.

Be original: Is your design innovative, creative and never been seen before?

Colour confidence: Think about the shelf impact of your design, what will make it stand out above the rest?

Scale and Placement: Placement of images/colour can ensure originality and the scale is significantly important to shelf impact and usability.

User Friendly: Please use images that can be printed in a commercial world. No guns/ cigarettes/ nudity - boring I know but we must be PC.

And finally, don't forget to add a brief description of your design. Tell us about your inspirations and thought processes.

The lucky winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of £200.

There may be further opportunities for entries to have work manufactured for inclusion in future Marks and Spencer ranges. So get creative and send those wonderful designs in.



A few legal details to consider to keep us all out of trouble.

1. If you have copyrighted materials (like brand names, logos, store-bought props or recognizable locations) in your photo, get permission from the copyright owners. It's easier just to leave them out, but if used, get permission!


2. Know who took the photo, they have to sign a release form if your design is selected.


3. Who's in the photo? If they're human, they have to sign a release form, too. If they're someone else's chiid, their parents need to sign on their behalf so get the okay before you send it to us.