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  • What you could win:

and a possible placement!

Competition Closed!


We would like you to create an image to be used for a blank greeting card for the M&S customer.

For this competition we would like you to not only be the designer but also the stylist and the photographer. This is your chance to capture an image to convey a suitable emotion for a blank send. Those occasions when you just want to send someone a thoughtful note, a quick hello or saw this and thought of you etc. Please do take into consideration all the reasons why we might send a blank greeting card which will ultimately help you develop your idea.

Once you have your image think carefully about how you will present it. For example is there a particular crop that would work well or could you apply some photographic filters which are very on trend right now.



Here are a just a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Locations -  for example a beautiful seaside scene or woodland wonderland.

Food - a delicious looking cake or something fun such as a typical British meal.

Humour - could you capture a real, candid moment or can you take something ‘ordinary’ and give it a new lease of life.

Hobbies - can you show the tools of the trade for certain hobbies to make a great image. Consider sports, music and crafts etc.

Objects - can you style up a variety of beautiful objects to make a work of art.

Colour - is your image all about a certain colour or group of colours?



It is really important that you avoid using any branded goods in your images, as we will be unable to use them on our products, such as Sony, Coke, Apple etc. It’s very important that when you’re using props for a photo-shoot that you are not infringing any copyright by featuring them. For example a pair of wellington boots with a distinctive surface pattern design would be easily attributed to a brand/ store so you wouldn’t be able to use them. The same applies for branded cars i.e. we wouldn’t be able to show an Aston Martin in its full glory but maybe consider an abstract crop of a vehicle headlight etc – be creative!

Also avoid using people in your photographs, as any recognizable persons in your images would require a signed model release form before we could consider using it.


Take plenty of time to do some research and check out photography magazines and websites such as Flickr that have a keen grasp on contemporary photography and are a great starting point for inspiration.

This brief is primarily about capturing a great image but do carefully consider the composition of your image how this fits in with your chosen customer. You can see examples of what we mean by this in the examples shown and also by checking out our current range at M&S.


In addition be sure to check out the Tigerprint Design blog and Facebook page where we will post some of our own photography to inspire you this month.

What to submit:

For this competition please submit either a square 500 x 500 pixel jpeg or 500 x 700 pixel rectangle jpeg at 72 DPI (which ever suits your image best).

Each entrant may submit a maximum of five designs each.

Please submit your entries from Tuesday 7th May using the 'Enter Now' button below.

However don't forget please retain your original photograph at a resolution of at least 300 DPI should yours be selected as the winner.

We will endeavor to approve your designs within 48 hours after which they will be displayed in the current entries gallery.

The winner will receive £200 and a possible placement in our Bradford studio depending on availability.

Please visit our FAQs and Terms and Conditions before submitting any entries for the competition. Or ask a question on our Facebook page.

SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED: 7th May-  3rd June 2013.