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This month we are going all gooey eyed as we want you to think about love and marriage.
Specifically, we want you to create stunning surface pattern which would be suitable for either a wedding or anniversary send.

This surface pattern would be used across a variety of products for Wedding and Anniversary including:

Greeting cards
Gift bags and wrap
Invites & stationery
Gifting items

In terms of the surface pattern carefully consider what icons you could explore. A few suggestions are:

Wedding outfits and accessories

Do be innovative and think about what would make a great surface pattern whilst also being associated with love.

In addition, do consider typography and how it could compliment your pattern.

Everyone loves a beautifully simple pattern and teamed with great sentiment it can make for a special wedding / anniversary send.

Pattern and type can work together - can you cleverly create a pattern which the type evolves from - do the two become one?

Think carefully about the scale and placement of your pattern and type and how this will
add to the overall look of the pattern.


Things to consider:

* Consider scale and placement of the pattern.

* Building up layers to create impact.

* Colour palette - do your research and check out what works commercially but don’t be afraid to experiment and add in some pops of colour to add to the design.

* Finishes - do feel free to add suggestions of finishes whether this be in your description or can you add it to your design and photograph to show us the desired effect?
Finishes can include foiling, letterpress, laser cut, flitter and embellishments etc

* Type - how can you incorporate love themed words within your surface pattern.

The main purpose of this brief is to present us with stunning surface pattern design suitable for a product to celebrate a Wedding or Anniversary. Therefore primarily we are interested in the surface pattern and how we could adapt this to fit our products. However as always if you have a burning desire to show us how you think it should be done then please do use one of your five submissions to present your ideas to us.

In addition be sure to check out the Tigerprint Design blog and Facebook page where we will post the latest entries and competition updates.

What to submit:

For this competition please submit either a square 500 x 500 pixel jpeg or 500 x 700 pixel rectangle jpeg at 72 DPI (which ever suits your design best).

Each entrant may submit a maximum of five designs each.

Please submit your entries from Tuesday 2nd July using the 'Enter Now' button below.

However don't forget please retain your original artwork at a resolution of at least 300 DPI should yours be selected as the winner.

We will endeavor to approve your designs within 48 hours after which they will be displayed in the current entries gallery.

The winner will receive £200 and a possible placement in our Bradford studio depending on availability.

Please visit our FAQs and Terms and Conditions before submitting any entries for the competition. Or ask a question on our Facebook page.

SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED: 2nd July-  29th July 2013.